Ron Thiesen

Ron was born and raised in the Amazon jungle of Peru with Wycliff Bible Translator parents and six siblings. He followed his heart’s desire to serve God on the mission field and worked at Rancho 3-M Children’s Home in Guadalupe where he met his wife, Annette. They married in 1982 and have been directors of New Life Children’s Home since 2011. Together, Annette and Ron have four children.

Annette Thiesen

Annette was raised in the USA and received a call to missions at the age of 19. She worked for one year at Rancho 3-M Children’s Home in Guadalupe when she met her husband, Ron. After working as Discipleship and Bible School teachers and church planters for 29 years, Annette and Ron took over New Life Children’s Home leadership building on the foundation of Annette’s parents, Jim and Georgia Lamont. They have been directors of New Life since 2011.

Yesli Varela

Yesli has been working in our high school since February 2018 teaching science and math courses among other things. She has excellent rapport with her students as well as staff and we are glad to have her back this year. She is single and lives in Jalaca.


Martin Salgado

Martin is our newest staff member with medical training, bilingual and administrative abilities. He was raised in a children’s home close by and brings experience and many abilities to the staff table. His wife and his two daughters attend NLCH School and live in Jalaca. His oldest son goes to college in Tegucigalpa. He and his wife Dulce are now the general administrators of New Life Children’s Home.

Yamileth Cerrato

Yami is one of our primary school teachers since February of 2018 and does a wonderful job with our little ones. She is a single mom with two children and lives in Jalaca.

Dulce Molina

Dulce’s sweet disposition and helpful manner is a privilege to have with us. Her husband, Martin, is our administrator and their two daughters often join Dulce in the afternoons running our school library. She also helps in areas of school supplies and inventory.

Selenia Flores

Selenia is a member of Pastor Marvin’s church. Her husband, Pablo, is one of the leaders in Pastor Marvin’s church and they have three daughters, two of which study at NLCH. She is very creative and makes most of our decorations for events; she is our school seamstress and teaches SS at church. Selenia is a wonderful addition to our staff.

Yaleny Zuniga

Yaleny came on board last year in 2018, and did a great job as one of our high school teachers which she will continue to do this year. She is single, is continuing her education on the weekends and lives in Jalaca.

Deisy Mejia

Deisy worked for many years as a child care worker before she taught at NLCH School. She is teaching our four special ed children this year. She has two older daughters and one young son. Her quiet disposition and tranquil ways help her deal with her special class with patience and love.

Isolina Cruz

Isolina is in charge of taking care of the little boys in the afternoon. She currently lives in our orchard house property down the road with her husband Manuel, a night watchman at NLCH. She has several older children and the youngest is a complete invalid with cerebral palsy.

Gueiby Archaga

In addition to the afternoon childcare taker for the girls, Gueiby is also a leader of one of our children’s work groups. Together with her sister, Rosseli, they are members of Pastor Marvin’s church in Jalaca. Gueiby is a joy to work with and lives with family in Jalaca.

Juana Figueroa

Juana has lived in Jalaca most of her life and raised her family there with her husband. She is a faithful member of the Rios de Agua Viva church. Her daughter, Ela, also works the night shift at NLCH. Juana is a faithful prayer warrior as she gets on her knees every night and prays for the children.

Ela Gomez

Ela is Juana’s daughter. She also lives in Jalaca with her husband and has grown children. She is a faithful member of the Rios de Agua Viva church and prays for the children.


Vanesa took over in the kitchen at NLCH in January of 2018. The children enjoy her good cooking. She is a single mom living in Jalaca.

Manuel Martinez

Manuel is Isolina’s husband and is our night watchman three nights a week. He also is a day worker in the fields and helps with maintenance. The kids love to help him in the field in the afternoons and on weekends. He is a gentle soul and good with the children.

Armando Ramos

Armando is Estela’s husband and is our night watchman four nights a week. He also is a day worker in the fields and helps with maintenance. He attends Rios de Agua Viva church with his wife. He always has a smile on his face and is a super servant at heart. He is a pleasure to have around.

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